Education System

Education System

Aims to produce graduates who:

Understanding the earth as a natural system as matter and recognizing natural laws that occur as a whole, both macro and micro.

Having sufficient knowledge and mindset towards the earth, as a source of objects/materials, so that it can/able for exploration work and exploit it with consideration of environmental conditions optimally.

In terms of preparing Geologists who:

Able to know the types and reserves of Natural Resources and Energy.

Able to carry out the Exploration and Exploitation of the Natural Resources and Energy.

Preparing Indonesian Geologists to face the Globalization Era.

Specialization in Geological Engineering Studies:

Oil and Gas and Geothermal

Engineering and Environmental Geology

Science and Marine Geology

Mining and Mineral Industry


Curriculum : National + Local


Personality Development Course (MPK)

Science and Skills Course (MKK)

Craft Skills Course (MKB)

Work Behavior Course (MPB)

Community Life Course (MBB)

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